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These angels are part of a whole family of different styles of angels. Angels are not just for displaying around the holidays any more. They have become collectibles that people love to display and enjoy all year long. As with all the pieces that contain the clear bevels, these will make rainbows in your room when the sun shines through them. These angels each have a fine quality crystal head, which adds to the sparkle, and a pretty filigree halo, which all angels must have. Let me introduce you.

Celeste: Celeste is the tallest angel in the family. She is 9” X 5 ½”. She has a swirling skirt, a 30mm jeweled head and another 30mm jewel on her hem.
$32.00 plus shipping

Melody: Melody is the middle sister. She measures 8” X 7”. She also has a 30mm jewel for her head. She carries a filigree star to guide her on her way.
$30.00 plus shipping

Cynthia: Like her sisters, Cynthia has a 30mm jewel for her head. She measures 6” x 5”. She may be a bit smaller, but she makes up for it in spirit. She wears a bough of flowers around her waist and also carries a star.
$28.00 plus shipping

Please ask for information on other styles of angels, crosses and Stars of David.




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