Candle Pillars

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If you like the ambiance of soft sparkling candle light these candle pillars are for you.

The pillars are beveled glass rectangles constructed as a base upon which a three inch cube of beveled glass rests. You can put a votive cup and candle in the top or use it with a tealight cup and tealight. Either way the glow of the flame is enhanced by the beveled glass.

The bases are available in 4”, 6”, and 8” heights, making the pillars 7”, 9” and 11” tall. The variety of heights makes it easy to use just one or lots of them for an interesting display. Line up a few of them along your dining room table, group different sizes together on the coffee table or sideboard or use just one in the bathroom. With the flame contained in the glass cube these candles are safer than having an open flame. Please use caution using any candle.

The pillars are available, as shown, in both clear glass and etched glass.

8" = $29.00 plus shipping
6" = $27.00 plus shipping
4" = $25.00 plus shipping



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